Virus Removal

Virus and Malware Removal

In today’s age, the threat of virus and malware is an ongoing battle. A virus can be as simple as an annoying popup or more malicious by stealing personal information such as email passwords, bank account information, etc. For businesses this issue is magnified and can result in customer information being leaked. This could also lead to business operations being slowed or halted costing hundred or thousands of dollars in loss for the company.

At Lead Tech Service we perform the following task:

Isolation – We will isolate the source of the infiltration and stop it from spreading and causing more damage. This usually requires the computer be disconnected from the internet and removed from a local network.

Removal – Lead Tech Service offers many paid for virus removals as well as free programs for virus removals. These will scan the computer not only in the file locations you see such as your desktop or documents, but also in hidden folders or within the OS itself by checking code being run by the computer against a list of known threats in the anti-virus database.

Prevention – Sometimes the best medicine is prevention. Even if your computer doesn’t have a virus or malware on it having a program that prevents the infiltration at the beginning will not only save you the headache but also money from have to bring it in.